“I can’t explain the coaching, it’s something you have to experience. Cynthia asks these great questions that at the time I’m thinking, ‘What kind of crazy question is that?!’ Then we pursue it, there is an internal shift, a behavioral shift, and my business doubled in two months! That’s all I can say…you just have to experience it.” – Marketing Guru


“Cynthia listens, and she hears me. She hears what her client is saying, and more importantly, what they’re not saying…”

“Cynthia helps me look at things from a totally different perspective, which can help shed light on something I’d never thought of.”

“She asks the ‘hard questions’ or ‘thought-provoking questions’, and often times the ones I don’t want to face because I know what the answer will be. Or sometimes I don’t know the answer, and just don’t know where to begin.”