Why do people partner with a coach? Why do people go to personal trainers?
• to continuously improve and accomplish greater things
• focus
• motivation
• someone to celebrate with
• someone to champion him alone
• tell him things others may not tell him
• see things he can’t see

“If we can stop, listen, and think about what others are seeing in us, we have a great opportunity.  We can compare the self that we want to be with the self that we are presenting to the rest of the world.  We can then begin to make the real changes that are needed to close the gap between our stated values and our actual behavior.”

         Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach


Is it because you need to be “fixed”?
• No. You have the spirit, integrity and will to always improve. It’s not about fixing something that’s broken, it’s about fulling maximizing your potential.
• Successful atheletes, musicians, artists are said to spend more time with their coaches than others.

In other fields such as sports, music, and personal fitness we know its vital to have support with:

  • identifying goals
  • clarity and capitolizing on strenghts
  • focusing on vision
  • continuous motivation

TAP coaching gives you this support in the most important aspects of our personal and professional lives.


Clarity of Strengths and Priorities and Alignment of Action will be evident in:

  • vision/strategy
  • leadership based on core strengths and values
  • work/life balance and participation
  • project objectives, expectations and contribuitons
  • interaction, communication and expression with community, clients, teams

With a coach, you achieve:
Stronger, more effective communication
• You get feedback, a safe place to grow and encouragement on your communication style. Often we don’t get very honest, open feedback solely focused on our success and growth. A coach gives you a safe place to do that. You’ll be communicating from a place of confidence and clarity and from where you’re great. People respond naturally more positively to a confident, clear message and even better to greatness.
• You’ll be more satisfied and will affect that in others, which naturally has a positive effect on communication.
Increase sales
• If you’re clear and passionate and very specific on what you do best, how you do it and with whom, then you talk in a different way which attracts more customers. We work together to discover what that is.
• You can clearly let people know what the value is in what you do and what sets you apart.
• When people know what’s so great about you, they’ll know if it suits them faster, with less misunderstanding, cost, effort.

Better work/life balance
• Instead of being busy for the sake of being busy or because you’re doing what everyone else is, you’ll know what you want and why.
• You’ll make better decisions on what you want to be doing and who you want to be doing it with.
• You’ll know what supports and enhances your integrity, sense of worth and accomplishment.

Improve processes
• The clearer you are on what you are doing and why, the clearer you can be on what it takes to get you there, have your processes serve you instead of visa versa.

Improve hiring practices
• If you’re aware of what makes you great, what it takes to get there you’ll be clearer on who it takes will as well and who you work best with

Identify and effortlessly attract your perfect clients
• You won’t try to serve everyone, just those who appreciate and compliment your greatness, making your service that much more potent for them as well as you.
• You’ll love what you’re doing and do it better which makes people want to work with you.

Improve your product offering
• If you know for sure what sets you apart and makes you great its easier to develop and refine it.
• You’ll be more specific and direct in what you offer.

Decrease turnover
• If people are in an environment that cultivates their greatness they’ll feel better, more fulfilled and be getting better results and interacting with people more positively which is an overall nice place to be.

Heightened sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and contentment
• You’ll be so fulfilled and happy with yourself, your work, your life and your people in it you’ll hardly be able to stand it (in a good way).
• When people know they’re great, know why and how and they attract those things in their life and work to support that there is nothing sweeter in life than to feel that every day and you’ll see results like you never have as well. (And that ain’t bad!!)

Who utilizes a coach?
Some examples are:
Executive/Leadership Teams Maximizing Their Potential
• keep focused
• have someone asking questions to broaden your perspective
• someone to push back and say the things others won’t
• an unbiased perspective
• focus on objectives as well as dynamics and communication within the group

New leader to focus on what matters most
• get a feel for the current situation
• decide what is most important to work on first
• keep focused on activities that support that
• have a support/feedback resource that helps to continuously improve while keeping focused

An entrepreneur within an organization or starting their own
• articulate your value to others
• attract the best clients
• develop and communicate your product offerings
• keep motivated while being isolated

Professionals wanting ideal work and life fulfillment and balance
• Focus on a new way of being, a way that supports you being at your best at work and personally by creating an environment that supports both.
• The way to fully contribute and be at your highest potential is to have your work and personal lives and environments perfectly reflect what’s most important to you.
• We work together to define what that is, remove barriers to getting there and develop relationships, boundaries and actions that have that show up.