How I coach/ What you can expect from me:

Unconditional respect and regard

         Your success is my focus in this process, I believe in you and your work

         My motivation is to see you reach your goals quickly in an enjoyable, fulfilling way. 

         It can take some time to get used to this type of support, take the time you need to feel comfortable.


         My client list and their work with me are private.  Anything we discuss is completely confidential. 


         Integrity is vital to the coaching process; I will speak honestly in a supportive manner geared towards your growth and success.  I will be straightforward and direct while supporting you in this process. 


         I may not always be right on, but I will share my “gut” feelings with you.

         If I hear a funny tone or sense something I’ll ask you about it, very often these small moments and gut feelings are a chance to resolve something and make a leap forward.

         Take the best of what I say and use your judgment on if it is accurate or not. 

I have a “Down to earth” approach sprinkled (probably rather heavily) with my dry sense of humor.

         I do things in a casual way aimed at making clients feel comfortable. 

         Please feel free to set the tone for our sessions and clarify if something I say isn’t clear. 

         I often make fun of myself (possibly you the more comfortable we get J) please let me know if it’s “not working” for you.  When in doubt about something I said, please ask!

To challenge you

         I will challenge you to think in different ways, view things differently, to try new things and work hard. 

         I will ask you to start, stop or change things, and honor your right to decline, counter offer or accept these things and any other “fieldwork” assigned.

To support you

         I am here to follow up, to talk to, and to celebrate with.  Sometimes just having someone there is the biggest value of a coach, use me for that.

To give straight advice

         Based on my intuition, experience and training I may give you advice on a situation.  If I’m not sure, I’ll say so.  Again, take it in the best way for your situation and use your judgment.

What I expect from you:

Work hard and give it your best effort

         You have already taken a big step by initiating the coaching process.  Use the support to stretch and grow to accomplish the most you can. 

         This is a safe environment designed for your success.  Use it.

         Review the client prep form before the session to get the most out of the time. 

         I will support you to the best of my ability in this process and you will do the work!  (That’s a good thing, if I was doing it, it would be about me,,, and this is about YOU!)

Be honest and open

         This is about YOUR SUCCESS, not about me being right, if you disagree with something I say, tell me.

         If I inaccurately summarize, please clarify. If you feel you are not getting what you need or expect, share those feelings.

         In our discussions speak the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable, especially with yourself.  Take the time you need.